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Nithyananda Sangeeth Vol 1

Nithyananda Sangeeth Vol 1

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"The Music Outside finds the music within" -Paramahamsa Nithyananda
'Sravanam kirtanam Nithya sathguroh smaranam'
The word smaranam means 'remembering'. If we chant and hear, then remembrance will automatically happen. Once this happens, we can joyfully engage ourselves in worshipping the Master's Lotus feet (sevanam). Then, we shall engage in temple worship (archanam) and offering prayers (vandanam). We shall engage ourselves as His servants (dasyam); we shall become His friends (sakhyam) and we shall surrender everything to Him (atma nivedanam) and from there attain the Ultimate Consciuosness-nithyananda, eternal bliss!

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