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The Gospel of Paramahamsa Nithyananda

This hardcover book contains ALL that Paramahamsa Nithyananda has said, is saying, has yet to say and wants to say but may not be able to say.

This book has been specially designed. Whenever you are in a low mood or need an answer to life’s question, just open any page and you will find the solution you are looking for is right there!

  • How to handle emotions?

  • Deeper truths of life like:
         What happens when we die?
         What is karma?
         What exactly is enlightenment? 
         How to take responsibility?

  • Over 100 meditation techniques of various types

  • Eight simple daily steps for a blissful life


This book is of anyone who wishes to live a fulfilling life. It reveals the secrets of the self, Existence and the world. It is for every individual to start experiencing the ultimate purpose of taking human birth on planet earth. It is meant to give the experience of:

  • Shakti, the Energy to understand and change whatever you need to change in life.
  • Buddhi, the Intelligence to understand and change whatever you don’t need to change in life.
  • Yukti, the Clarity to understand and realize that however much you change, whatever you see as reality is itself a continuously changing dream.
  • Bhakti, the Devotion, the feeling of deep connection to That which is unchanging, Eternal and Ultimate and
  • Mukti, the ultimate Liberation into Living Enlightenment when all these four are integrated.


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